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These pages are dedicated to Bill Wysock!

From Kenneth Strickfaden to John Foster to Bill Wysock to Jeff & Rita Behary:  Living History
Endless thanks and appreciation to Bill and Francis Wysock of Tesla Technology Research

Bill is one of the people early on who inspired me to make this website.  
Visit his website at: 

An Introduction To The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
Arrival Photos of Ken Strickfaden's Pancake Coils
and Homemade Adjustable Mica Tuning Capacitor Bank
Testing Pancake Coil One
Testing Pancake Coil Two
Testing Pancake Coils One and Two Together
Testing Pancake Coil Three
Re-evaluating Pancake Coil Three
Testing Pancake Coil Four
Testing of Pancake Coil Five
Testing of Pancake Coil Six
Testing of Bipolar Pancake Coils Seven & Eight
Cleaning Ken Strickfaden's Homemade Mica Tuning Capacitor
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McIntosh Electrical Corporation "Hogan"
A gift from our friend Bill Wysock
John Grizzy's New Toys from Bill Wysock's Collection!
Victor Snook and Wantz Arrival Photos
Griffith Park Tesla Coil and Reproductions:
Just some of the brilliant work of Bill Wysock
From Bill Wysock:  Letters from Frederick Finch Strong
regarding X-Ray burns and Hydrosophosol compound
Frederick Finch Strong's Ajax Special Coil
Internal Components Of Ajax Special:
Photos taken by Bill Wysock
More Long Island photos 2005
Bill's Tesla Motor, Full Resolution
Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!  Long Island New York Photos!