The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

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Part A

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An Introduction To The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
  An Incomplete List Of Tesla Coil Manufacturers (1890s-1940s)
FIRE ANALYSED; Or, The Several Parts of which it is compounded
clearly demonstrated by EXPERIMENTS.  The Teutonic Philosophy
proved true By the same EXPERIMENTS and The MANNER and METHOD
of making ELECTRICITY Medicinal and Healing confirmed by a VARIETY of CURES
By Richard Symes (1771)
Considerations on the Efficacy of Electricity In Removing Female Obstructions
by John Birch, Surgeon (1780)
Early X-Ray Ads Photographed by Andy Wright on his visit to the Howard Raper archive
Early Dental X-Ray Ads from Oral Hygiene
Early WWI Radio Tubes
Ritter photos from Andy
Heavy Duty (9kV 140mA) Spark Gap for Joel
WOW from Frank:  The New Crookes Tube Cabinet
A Spark Of Death - Bernadette Pajer
H. G. Fischer Type DEL Dental X-Ray Machine
H. G. Fischer Type DEL - More Infernal Machine Photos!
Spectacular Ruby Tube!
On The Persistence Of Electric Oscillations by H. Ebert
The End Of Inverse Discharge on this website?
Crookes, Geissler, Röntgen, Spectrum, and Pump Down Tubes!
Photocopied Spiral Bound Books
Howard Raper Dental Radiography Excerpts
Kinraide Coil from Neiswanger 7th Ed Book 
T. B. Kinraide Damaged Negatives
Cleaned up by artist Christian Ertel
John W. Keely / Keely Motor articles
from The Locomotive & The American Architect
John W. Keely / Keely Motor Trial!
Little Tommy Tucker and other Violet Ray Ads
Letter from Benjamin Franklin to Edward Nairne;
Excerpts from Nairne Patent (Medical Static Machine)
Plante's Rhesostatic Machine and Lichtenberg Figures
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