The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Zahi Hakim - 

Rita, Madeline, and I had the great pleasure of meeting Zahi Hakim and his family.  Zahi has an amazing and extremely rare
collection of early X-Ray tubes and accessories - many of which are one of a kind!

Most priceless is Zahi himself, who is as sincere in person as his efforts in preserving such amazing pieces.
Be sure to visit his website and see his beautiful collection!  It is unique to the world!

What's New in 2011...
Part A

Last Updated:  Sunday 13. February 2011, 22:07 EST
An Introduction To The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
The Tesla Machinist:  A Four-Part Video of Winding A Tesla Coil
High Frequency Induction Coil
High Frequency Induction Coil, Reworked
Kilowatt Tesla Coil
New Years 2011 Sparks
Adjustable Capacitor Tesla Coil Tuner
Welch Tesla Coil
H. G. Fischer Therapeutic Arc Carbons
Violet Rays vs. the FDA
H. G. Fischer Short Wave Therapy
Tesla / Niagara Falls, Part 1
Tesla / Niagara Falls, Part 2
Modern Violet Ray / "Violet Wand" / High Frequency Manufacturers
Vacuum Experiments 1
Adrian Lost His Shoes
Electrocryptoscope:  Seeing the invisible and near invisible
Tesla Experiment - Pushing the voltage in an X-Ray Tube to the limit:
Glass softens, even melts, brush issues out of the anode side - yet
vacuum remains intact
Flaming Arc Experiments
Fischer's Magazine and The Quartz Lamp
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