The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Dedicated to Harry and Ruth Goldman:  
One of the greatest Tesla historians of the century recently passed away, Harry Goldman.  We'll miss you, Harry.
You were not only a treasured colleague, but one of our dearest friends.  Your work inspired generations, and will continue to do so.  You've now joined the list of heroes we've spoken about at length over the years.  Thank You for having been such a dear friend, for
being an inspiration, for sharing our enthusiasm, and for preserving history that without you would have been lost forever.

Jeff, Rita, and Madeline

What's New in 2010...
Part E

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Thomas Burton Kinraide Photographs
Leydencake:  A new experimental oil-filled Pancake Coil..
Leydencake Part II
Leydencoil - Oil Insulated Cylindrical Tesla Coil
New tests of combination Pancake Coil / Oudin Coil
(Dedicated to Brian and Frank)
Powering a Tesla Coil with an X-Ray Transformer
Powering a Tesla and Oudin Coil with an X-Ray Transformer, Part II
Powering a Tesla / Oudin Coil with an X-Ray Transformer, Part III
Powering a Pancake Coil with an X-Ray Transformer, Part II
40W Bipolar Pancake Coils for Studying Phantom Streams
McIntosh High Frequency X-Ray Machine
Ritter Dental X-Ray Machine
Floor Model Bovie Cutting / Coagulation Apparatus
Restoration of Bovie Cutting / Coagulation / Diathermy Apparatus

YouTube videos of Monico Sanchez X-Ray Apparatus
and Experiments!!!  These are priceless videos from my
friends in Spain!  Wonderful job!!


Reproduction Frederick Finch Strong Electrode Handle
Oudin Resonator 2010
Oudin Treatment Coil
Oudin Coil Complete
Binary Tesla Coil Capacitors
New Swett & Lewis Info
The Keely Motor
Tesla Currents With Simple Apparatus
High-Potential Currents
Using The Human Body For Wireless Transmissions
by A. Frederick Collins (with Earle Ovington and Lee Deforest)
Beware Of Quack Doctors
H. G. Fischer Hot Wire Milliameter Dissected
GE Coolidge SRT-2 Tube
Keleket (Kelly-Koett) Ampere Meter
Tesla Electric Plant at Niagara Falls
ESCO "Liquid Sunshine" Radium Embalming Fluid
The Last Keely Motor Photos by TB Kinraide - Full Size
The Keely Motor Exposure
Notes On X-Light by William Rollins:
Part I:  Notes
Notes On X-Light by William Rollins:
Part 2:  Diagrams
Threaded Tesla Coil Secondary Forms & Coils
Threaded Secondary Coil Forms, Closeup
John Grizzy's New Toys!
Electric Movement In Air And Water - Lord Armstrong
H. G. Fischer SP-60 X-Ray Controller
Van de Graaff Spark Photos
A Triode Antedating De Forest's Tube?
Thomas Stanley Curtis 12" Spark Capacity Coil + Submarine
Edison's Fluorescing Vacuum Lamp
(and other 1896 X-Ray articles)
PDF from Featured Collector Frank Jones
Electric Shock For Bed-Wetting? (This is awful)
PDF from Featured Collector Frank Jones
Electrocution vs. Hanging
PDF from Featured Collector Frank Jones
Cenco Horizontal Bipolar Tesla Coil

Больше гостей из России и Восточной Европе ...
... И я выхожу из Пиво ... и жив до сих пор?
... снег и холод стекла ...
... Искры, дым, борщ, сало, хлеб, реальной жизни ...

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