The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

What's New in 2015...
Part A

Last Updated: Friday 14 April 2015

Contra-Pole Violet Ray meets Victor X-Ray Coil
First Light:  Grizzy's 10KW  Tesla Coil
First Light photos by Chris Hale of Tinker City
Construction Photos of Grizzy's Tesla Coil
Tinker City Oudin/Tesla Coil
Homemade HV Transformers
Lightning Art for Dan Cuscela
More Artwork by Kelly
Life Pics
Piffard Safety X-Ray Tube
Testing Prague Coil III
Various Homemade Geissler Tubes
H. G. Fischer Electrocoagulation Diathermy
McIntosh Electric Corp d'Arsonval / Oudin Diathermy
Some more various tubes...
Helio-Lux German Violet Ray Booklet
Amazing sparks from Kelly's Wimshurst Machine
Chloride Of Silver Faradic Battery with Willms Current Controller
Chloride Of Silver 5 Cell Faradic Battery
Dodd & Struthers Little Wonder Static X-Ray Machine
Beautiful Faradic Sledge Coil, Dubois Reymond Style
Keystone Faradic Battery
Kidder Faradic Coil with original glass battery
Frank training at NASA
Victor Rotary Spark Gap
Wappler AC/DC Cautery Transformer
Wappler Faradic Coil
Wappler Hyfrex High Frequency Coil
Resistance Units with Edison Bases, Aloe Lightning Meter, Dim A Light Socket
Coffield Copper Wringer Washer
McIntosh 14 Cell Galvanic Faradic Battery
Sperti Sunlamp
Restoration of a Frank S Betz Violet Ray that was eaten by cockroaches
Amazing Rose Violet Ray
Pressler CRT / Braun Tube
Crookes Tubes with Flowers
FXRAYS - 2015 Twin Pancake Kinraide/Tesla Coil
Wolfgang Linschmann's Puluj Tube
High Tension Kicking Coil based on experiments of De La Rive
Musical Rotary Spark Gap tuned to an octave of piano keys
Crookes Railway Tube
Crookes Figure Tube
Crookes Ebert Tube
Unipolar single wire Tesla phosphorescent lamp