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In Loving Memory Of Baby Bear (August 2001 - 23. June 2012)
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An Introduction To The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
Arrival of Carre Dielectric Machine
Beginning of Carre Restoration 
Testing Carre Dielectric Machine - YouTube video
(Not the sparks set off the glass-break on our security system!) 
Testing McIntosh Battery & Optic Company Atkinson Toepler Holtz Machine video 
The Newe Attractive, Shewing The Nature, Propertie, and manifold Vertues of the
LOADSTONE, with the Declination of the Needle, Touched therewith, under the Plaine of
the Horizon.  Found Out and Discovered by Robert Norman (1581)
1958 Weber Dental X-Ray 
Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of early England: 
Being a collection of documents, for the most part never before printed, illustrating the history of science in this country before the Norman conquest

Vital books containing priceless experiments and developments in the history of ELECTRICITY: 

The following books are printed at our museum from archives and are not included on the website.  Please visit Google Books and as well as various other rare book archives to obtain PDFs of these files.  Each and every book is worth having hard copies of, especially the works of Franklin, Haukesbee, Adams, Cavallo, Watson, Wilson, Nollet, von Guericke,...they are all amazing and each contains new or scarce information: 

G. C. Morgan, Lectures on Electricity (1794)
John Brice Becket, An Essay On Electricity (MDCCLXXIII)
B. Rackstrow, Miscellaneous Observations together with a Collection Of Experiments 
on Electricity
John Theophilus Desaguliers, A Dissertation concerning Electricity (MDCCXLII)
The Description and Use of Nairne's Patent Electrical Machine (MDCCLXXXIII)
An Account of the Repetition of an Experiment touching Motion given Bodies included in a Glass, By The Approach Of A Finger To The Outside:  With Other Experiments on the Effluvia Of Glass by Mr. Francis Hauksbee
An Account of an Experiment, shewing that an Object may become visible through such an Opake body as Pitch in the Dark, while its under the Circumstances of Attrition and a Vacuum.  By Francis Hawksbee
An Account of Experiments concerning Proportion of the Power of the Load-Stone at different Distances.  By Francis Hawksbee
Experiments on the Production and Propagation of Light from the Phosphorus in Vacuo, made before the Royal Society, By Francis Hawksbee
Several Experiments On The Attrition of Bodies in Vacuo.  By Francis Hawksbee
A Description of the machine for giving swift motion to Bodies in Vacuo, without Admitting the External Air.  By Francis Hawksbee
An Account of an Experiment made November 21, 1705, shewing that Light is Producibile upon swift attrition of Amber on Wollen in Vacuo.  By Francis Hawksbee
Shewing The Necessity of the Air's Presence (at least some degree of it) in the Production of Fire, upon the Attrition of Flint and Steel.  By Francis Hawksbee
Touching the Production of Purple Light, upon the Attrition of Glass on Wollen in Vacuo together with the Phaenomena of the same Experiment at several Tryals.  By Francis Hawksbee
Touching The Production of a Considerable Light, upon the Attrition of Glass on Glass in Vacuo, and in Common Air.  By Francis Hawksbee
Touching the Production of Light upon the Attrition of Glass on Glass under Water.  By Francis Hawksbee
Several Experiments shewing the strange Effects of the Effluvia of Glass, produceable on the Motion and Attrition of it.  By Francis Hawksbee
Several Experiments on the Mercurial Phosphorus:  

Shewing that Light in Produceable from Mercury, by Passing Common Air through a Body of it, after the Receiver is exhausted.

Shewing that Mercury will Appear as a Shower of Fire, Whilst descending in Vacuo from the Top to the Bottom of a tall Receiver.  

Shewing that it requires not so thin a Medium as is made by the weight of the Mercury in the Torricilian Experiment, to produce the Mercurial Phosphore.

Shewing that a Considerable Light may be Produced from Mercury in a Glass, by giving it Motion before the Receiver is Quite Exhausted.

Shewing Very Odd flashes of Light, Upon the Repetition of the Experiment, Resembling a Shower of Fire.

Shewing the Abundance of Particles of Light as discoverable by shaking Quicksilver in a Glass even in Open Air.

By Francis Hawksbee
An Account of an Experiment touching the Production of Considerable Light upon a slight Attrition of a Glass Globe Exhausted of its Air, with other Remarkable Occurences.  By Francis Hawksbee
Experiments and Observations Tending To Illustrate The Nature and Properties of Electricity.  By William Watson (MDCCXLVI)
An Epitome of Electricity and Galvanism.  Jacob Green, 1809
Miscellaneous Experiments and Remarks on Electricity, The Air Pump, and the Barometer with a Description of an Electrometer of a New Construction.  A. Brook, 1797.
Electrical Experiments Illustrating the Theory, Practice, and Application of the Science of Free or Frictional Electricity Containing the Methods of Making and Managing Electrical Apparatus of Every Description.  G. W. Francis, 1854
The History and Present State Of Electricity with Original Experiments by Joseph Priestley, Volumes I, II, and III (MDCCLXVII)
Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds Of Air and other Branches of Natural Philosophy in Three Volumes.  By Joseph Priestley  (MDCCXC)
Leading Proofs in Favour of the Franklinian System, John Lyon (1791)
Familiar Introduction To Electricty, Joseph Priestley (1769)
Principles of Electricity, Charles Viscount Mahon (1779)
Experiments And Observations in Electricity, William Henly (1777)
Observations on a Series Of Electrical Experiments by Dr Hoadly and Mr Wilson (MDCCLVI)
An Introduction To Electricity in Six Sections by James Ferguson (MDCCLXX)
Practical Electricity and Galvanism by John Cuthbertson, 1807
Elements of Electricity and Electro-Chemistry, George Singer (1814)
An Essay On Electricity, Fifth Edition, George Adams (1799)
Obervations on Curing Disorders with Factitious Air, Loftus Wood (1780)
Eulogium on Dr. Franklin
Medical and Philosophical Essay on the Theory of Gout; Practical Observations of the Effects of Negative Electricity (MDCCLXXX)
New Experiments On Electricity, Tiberius Cavallo
Treatise on Magnetism In Theory and Practice, Tiberius Cavallo (1745)
An Essay of the Medicinal Properties of Factitious Airs with an Appendix on the Nature of Blood, Tiberius Cavallo (1798)
A Complete Treatise On Electricity in Theory and Practice with Original Experiments by Tiberius Cavallo Volumes I and II (MDCCXCV)
New Experiments upon the Leyden Phial, respecting the Termination of Conductors by Benjamin Wilson (1778)
An Essay On The Theory and Practice of Medical Electricity, Tiberius Cavallo (MDCCLXXXI)
The Monthly Review or Literary Journal From January to June, inclusive, MDCCLXXXVI, by Several Hands, Volume LXXIV
Ottonis de Geuricke - Experimenta Nova (un vocantur) Magdeburgica de Vacuo Spatio (1672)
Endless Amusement; A Collection of Nearly 400 Entertaining Experiments (1821)
Elements of Static Electricity with Full Description of the Holtz and Töpler Machines and their mode of operating.  Philip Atkinson (1887)
Considerations on the Efficacy of Electricity in Removing Female Obstructions by John Birch, Surgeon, MDCCLXXX
Catalogue No. 3 of Electro-Therapeutic Apparatus, X-Ray Tubes, Shields, Fluoroscopes, Etc., The Friedlander Company
J. L. Pulvermacher's Hydro-Electric Voltaic Chain Batteries (1853)
1895 1896 Illustrated Price List Waite & Bartlett M'F'G Co, Electro-Medical and Surgical Instruments For Physicians and Surgeons
Treatment of Nervous and Rheumatic Affections by Static Electricity by Dr. Arthius (1874)
E. S. Ritchie & Sons Catalogue (1870)
History of Induction:  The American Claim to the Induction Coil and its Electrostatic Developments by Charles Grafton Page in Three Parts (1867)
Experiments in Electricity:  In a Letter from Father Beccaria, Professor of Experimental Philosophy at Turin, to Benjamin Franklin (1760)
Experiments on Electricity Performed At Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin (MCDDLXIX)
Letters and Papers on Electricity, Benjamin Franklin  (1747-1787)
18 Years Cancer Free:

Many people email me asking if I know of any miracle "machines" to cure cancer. My answer is always the same,
sadly I do not.  One of my heroes as a kid continues to inspire me with this article.  I am more than happy to celebrate!
The miracle cancer cures are faith and caring.  And here's proof!
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