January 2007
GPO Performance Photos
December 2006
Mini GPO Coil

New photos of Model 5D Museum Coil

New Photos of Model 9 Coil

New Model 10 Photos

Model 7M
October 2006  

The re-opening of Griffith Observatory 2006

GPO 2006 Re-opening #1

GPO 2006 Re-opening #2

GPO 2006 Re-opening #3


February 2006  

Model 5D Museum Coil



July 2004


RF Coils, Helical Resonators and Voltage Magnification by Coherent Spatial Modes

( A paper by K.L. Corum and J.F. Corum circa September 2001)

October 2003  

Coming Soon!  New images of the Model 7M magnifier Tesla Coil.


October 2003  

New pictures of Model 4


May 2003  

GPO-2 Tesla Coil final installation update!


November 2002 GPO-2 Tesla Coil

Installed at the Mid America Science Museum in Hot Springs, Arkansas

May 2002 Introducing the new Heavy-Duty Model One Tesla Coil


December 2001 Who Was The Real Dr. Nikola Tesla? (Acrobat .pdf file)

(A Look At His Professional Credentials)

by W.C. Wysock, J.F. Corum, J.M. Hardesty and K.L. Corum

January 2001 New Model 1 Coil


November 2000 Special Rotary Gaps


July 2000 15 KW salient-pole spark gap. 

Images of a 15 KW 3,600 RPM salient-pole synchronous rotary spark gap with 480 breaks per second designed and manufactured by Tesla Technology Research in 2000.

October 1999 Class Notes: Tesla Coils and the Failure of Lumped-Element Circuit Theory

by Kenneth L. Corum and James F. Corum, Ph.D.

July 1999 Model 2 Tesla Coil

The Model 2 Tesla Coil runs on a standard 120 volt 10 amp circuit. 

May 1999 DA-1  Dick Aurandt's famous coil

With only 3 KVa input, this coil is capable of 6 foot arcs.

April 1999 A modern one-to-one scale model of the world-famous coil at the Griffith park Observatory

Coil installed and operating in the new Fry's Electronics Super Store, Fremont, California.

March 1999 Tesla Coil Installation for Public Viewing: EMI, Gaseous Emission, Acoustic Noise And Discharge Control

Paper published in the 1986 Proceedings of the International Tesla Society, Inc.

January 1999 Second Model Nine Page

Two previously unpublished images of Model Nine added on new Model Nine page showing 17 foot arcs

January 1999 Third Model 10 page

Third Model 10 page added including two previously unpublished images concerning Model 10 Tesla Coil transmission line experiments

December 1998 Model One Tesla Coil

An inexpensive table top unit suitable for many classroom as well as amateur experimenter's applications.

December 1998 3,600 r.p.m. synchronous Rotary Gap

Images of a Salient-pole, synchronous 3,600 r.p.m. Rotary Spark Gap first designed and manufactured by Tesla Technology Research, in 1979.

December 1998 Ken Strickfadden:   A Night to Remember

A Night to Remember: The American Academy of Motion Pictures pays homage to the greatest High Voltage Special Effects Man of all Time, Mr. Kenneth Strickfadden and his Life-Long Close Friend, Mr. John Foster.

November 1998 Super Model 13M - More performance photos

Previously unpublished image added of Super Model13M magnifier operating at the KRLA-AM Transmitter Building

November 1998 Second Model 10 page

Second Model 10 page added with previously unpublished images concerning Model 10 Tesla Coil transmission line experiments

October 1998 Design and Construction of 1/2 - Wave Tesla Coil

Paper published in the 1992 Proceedings of the International Tesla Society, Inc.

September 1998 Super Model 13M Magnifier - Anaheim 1998

Super Model 13M Performs at Sun Microsystems annual meeting in Anaheim Convention Center

September 1998 Model 5M Demo Coil

The Model 5M Magnifier Tesla Coil demonstrated at the American Radio Relay League's (ARRL) Hamcon-98, August 1998, at the San Diego Convention Center

September 1998 Model 4 Coil

Model 4 joins a distinguished line of Commercial grade Tesla Coils

August 1998 The Griffith Observer

Various articles from The Griffith Observer were added to this site including a November 1938 article by S. S. Mackeown, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology titled "Electrical Discharge in Gases"

June 1998 Griffith Observatory Tesla Coil

Images of the Griffith Observatory Tesla Coil circa 1965 and personal correspondence between Bill Wysock and Leon Hall, Associate Director of the Observatory