15 KW 3,600 RPM salient-pole synchronous rotary spark gap.

480 breaks per second (BPS)Price: $1,325.00.

Close-up view of dual stationary electrodes on 15 KW sync. gap


Front view of 15 KW 3,600 RPM synchronous rotary gap.


Side view of 15 KW 3,600 RPM synchronous rotary gap.


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Side view of a salient-pole, synchronous 3,600 r.p.m. Rotary Spark Gap.  There are 12 rotary electrodes and 4 stationary electrodes.  This gap produces 720 (mechanical) BPS.  All electrode faces are 2 percent thorium alloy, 0.500" diameter tungsten screw-in (replaceable) units.


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Front view of a 3,600 r.p.m. synchronous Rotary Gap.  Note the double stationary electrode design.  This gap was designed and manufactured by Tesla Technology Research, in 1979. The 60 Hz A.C. input capacity is rated at 10 KW.  The dwell time (mechanical) for each commutation is approximately 100 usecs. The drive motor may be configured for either 50/60 Hz. and 120/240 or 208 volt input and is a NEMA-56 class 1/2 h.p. unit.