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copyright 1998 Theo Benson

The Model 5M Magnifier Tesla Coil, originally built in June, 1993. Here the coil is being demonstrated at the American Radio Relay League's (ARRL) Hamcon-98, held on August 14, 1998, at the San Diego Convention Center. Maximum arc length exceeds 10 feet with a 2.5 Kva power input.


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copyright 1998 Theo Benson

Notice the power arc that follows the electromagnetic and
electrostatic lines of force that are set up around the Extra Coil.
This arc effectively shorts out the Extra Coil by attaching itself
back to the Master Oscillator's injection point, (16" X 5" base
insulated toroid.)


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copyright 1998 Theo Benson

A 2 second time exposure of 5M, operating at 2.5 Kva power
input, and a rotary spark gap rep rate of 240 BPS, showing strong
arcs exceeding 10 feet in length. This Extra Coil is discussed in a
separate image below.


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copyright 1998 Theo Benson

Bill Wysock, N6UXW, as featured guest speaker on stage,
at the South West Division Hamcon-98, at San Diego. This
presentation occurred on August 14, from 8 to 11:30 p.m. with more
than 300 people in the audience


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copyright 1998 Theo Benson

A close-up view of the Model 5M Magnifier Master Oscillator
Base Unit. The secondary coil consists of 100 turns of #16 AWG
PVC stranded wire on a PVC form 10.5" in diameter. The primary
consists of 4.5 turns of 2" wide edge-wound copper ribbon and the
total tank capacity is 0.08 mfd.


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copyright 1998 Theo Benson

A close-up view of the Model 5M Extra Coil. The form factor
of this phenolic coil form (11:1) was deliberately chosen, to
demonstrate that such an exaggerated form factor can be made to
perform very successfully. The winding is #24 AWG solid magnet wire.


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Model 5M, as demonstrated at the Spanish Kitchen in Los
Angeles, circa May, 1998, in association with the kVa Effects Consortium. Note the heavy d-Arsonval discharge arc, form the transmission line to ground. This phenomena is also seen in many of the Model 13M Magnifier images, and is also seen in many of Tesla's Colorado Springs images. Note also, the power arc going from the topload terminal, back to the 16" X 5" input toroid. Power input was limited to 2.5 Kva. Time exposure is 1.5 seconds.