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img-4.jpg (19601 bytes)

3 second exposure (Nov. '95,) from rooftop of 2-story KRLA-AM Transmitter Building. Note the D' Arsonval discharge from the feedline to ground at the lower left. Feedline is 45 feet long, between the output of the Secondary Coil and the input of the Extra Coil. Longest arc length in this photo is approx. 35 feet (spark at lower right.)


img-5.jpg (36168 bytes)

Nov. '95; 4 second time exposure. Arcs to ground (center bottom,) are approximately 30 feet away from the base of the Extra Coil. (Some came too close for the photographer's comfort!) Also seen: multiple arcs back onto the lower turns of the Extra Coil, and to an elevated ground terminal (upper left,) and to the transmission line.


m13ma.jpg (39070 bytes)

3 second time exposure with 125 KVa power input.  The long
faint streamer going to the bottom of the image (right of center,)
was over 60 feet in length.  Note the heavy d'Arsonval type
discharges from the transmission line to ground.  This image was
taken in Nov. 1995, at the KRLA-AM transmitter site, using the
new polypropylene 0.275 uf capacitor bank.


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