Colorado Springs
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July 21, 1994; Penrose Stadium, Colorado Springs, Colorado. The night before the "50 Year Storm" (NOAA rating force 1) flooded out the "All American Electric Show" as part of the 1994 International Tesla Society Symposium. Extra coil is 24 feet high.

Model 13M extra coil on transport framework at Colorado Springs, July 1994.

Penrose Stadium setup circa July, 1994

Penrose Stadium circa July 1994 setup of 8 foot diameter toroid on top of extra coil. Shown is Bill Wysock, N6UXW. Toroid weighs 285 lbs. and is 3 feet in cross-section.

July 21, 1994. Penrose Stadium. Extra Coil in background with Jim Hardesty - N2DRT. Leland Anderson looking on with Bill Wysock - N6UXW at right; (prior to storm).

100 kVA @ 36 KV power transformer, being delivered at Penrose Stadium, Colorado Springs, CO, circa July, 1994.

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