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1 second time exposure of the transmission line connected to the Model 10 Tesla Coil, circa 1981.  Note how the arcs dissipate where they contact the surface of the water.  Interestingly, one can see just below the contact points, the reflections of the individual arc channels going back up to the underside of the 12 inch diameter discharge ball.


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Another daytime view of the setup of a transmission line experiment, circa April, 1981


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Showing the first in a series of transmission line experiments,   using the original Model 10 Tesla Coil.  This view of the high voltage "proving grounds," was taken in April, 1981, just weeks before the honorarium to Kenneth Strickfadden at the Academy of Motion Pictures.  Mr. John Foster is seen on the left, with Ken Strickfadden and Dick Aurandt in the background, to the left of the Model 10 coil.  Note the insulator stack on the right, which is 25 feet high, and surmounted by a 6 foot diameter rolled edge aluminum disc, with a 30 inch diameter toroid mounted 36 inches above the 6 foot disk.  This arrangement  worked as an extended and terminated "top load," placed at the end of a 35 foot long transmission line, connected to the 4 foot diameter toroid, on top of the Model 10 coil."


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