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Circa 1990: 4 men in Faraday cage, 25 feet above ground, being struck by 25 foot arcs from Model 10 Tesla coil, as a special exhibition kicking off the city centennial celibration at Monrovia park. There were over 10,000 spectators in attendance.


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A double exposure of Model 10 with a 35 foot long transmission line connected to the output of the coil, circa 1981.  This was a double time exposure (2 seconds each,) with Dick Aruandt sitting on top of a wooden stool.  The second exposure had a 6 foot tall metal ground rod, placed where Dick had just been sitting.  In the photo, Bill Wysock can be seen at the lower left, operating the Model 10 control console (25 KVa input at that time.)  The arc to the upper left, is attaching itself to the side of the house (22 feet away from the transmission line,)  The bright light at the lower right, is from the synchronous 1,800 r.p.m. rotary spark gap.

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This is a one second time exposure of Model 10, circa 1981, showing a transmission line experiment.  The arcs to ground are 20 feet long. Note the corona from the rolled edge of the 6 foot diameter corona  top hat, mounted on top of the insulator stack that is 24 feet high.


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This photo was taken circa 1981, and is a 3 second time exposure of an extended transmission line, connected to the Model 10 coil (out of camera view far left.)  This transmission line was made to route over the pool, where it was terminated by a 12 inch diameter copper ball, that was suspended 16 feet about the surface of the water. This event was staged for the Allen Landsburg T.V. production "That's Incredible!" which aired in 1980-82.  The studio's large stage light can be seen at the right rear of the photo.  Note the corona creepage, following up the nylon rope support line, just where the transmission line bends down towards the pool.  Night moisture that was absorbed by the rope caused the leakage, and eventually burned the rope off completely!  These arcs were so bright that they left "burn in" images in the retinas of the observer, that lasted for about 5 seconds after ones' eyes were shut!  The sound of the arcs were also so loud, that it produced a ringing in the ears that lasted for several minutes.

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