New design Model One Tesla Coil, showing spark discharge up to ten inches long, to a hand-held metal wrench.  The custom-made brass dual corona point ring on the copper ball is an optional accessory.  Sparks from this coil  may be safely taken to a piece of metal held in the hand, without any special precautions.





The complete newly designed Model One Tesla Coil.  The base plate is 16 inches in diameter and the unit weighs approximately 25 pounds.  The brass slip-on  dual corona point ring is an optional accessory.  The copper discharge electrode is two inches in diameter.  The four-segment stationary spark gap features 1/2 inch diameter thoriated tungsten electrodes that will last a lifetime.  The secondary coil unscrews from the base for easy transport. Power required is any 120 VAC outlet that is grounded.  Unit draws only 3.5 amps.





Random corona discharge from the two inch diameter copper electrode.
The color of the sparks in this photo is close to what is seen by the eyes.





The new Model One Tesla Coil sells for $895.00 plus S & H.  The optional brass corona discharge ring sells for $25.00.  As with all Tesla Technology Research coil systems, Model One comes with a limited one-year warrantee.





Powerful sparks being safely taken by a hand-held metal wrench.  The newly designed Model One Tesla Coil is ideal for home use, classroom demonstrations and is powerful enough to host a wide variety of special effects and experiments.




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Side view of a basic Model One Tesla Coil.  This unit was built in 1979, as an inexpensive table top unit that would be suitable for many classroom as well as amateur experimenter's applications. It is built on an 18 inch diameter wooden base and weighs approximately 35 pounds.  Power required is 120 volts/5 amps.




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Front view of the Model One Tesla Coil.  Output is up to 8 inch long sparks, and may be safely taken by a piece of metal held in the hand.  The overall height of this model is approximately 18 inches.