A Night to Remember:  The American Academy of Motion Pictures pays homage to the greatest High Voltage Special Effects Man of all Time, Mr. Kenneth Strickfadden and his Life-Long Close Friend, Mr. John Foster.

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John Foster, at the original slate switchboard, designed and built by Ken Strickfadden, to run all his stage electrical "mad scientist" machinery.

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Ken, (upper right) and John, (lower right) at the ceremonies celebrating Ken's life-long achievements spanning from the original "Frankenstein" circa 1931 up to "Young Frankenstein."


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Ken and a close friend, Dick Aurandt, at the Academy, shown with Ken's "Digital Desputer" (lower center), a large Jacob's ladder (left,) and Ken's famous "Lightning Screen" (upper right background).


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Ken with his largest Tesla Coil "Meg Sr."  The Lightning Screen can be seen in the background.


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Ken, striking up a high current low voltage carbon arc.  Note one of the smaller Jacob's ladders (immediately to Ken's right.)


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Ken takes an arc from another one of his famous Tesla Coils, ("Meg Jr." which is the same coil used in "Young Frankenstein", to bring the monster to life.)  John Foster is operating the switchboard.  An audience of more then 500 people turned out for this most special occasion.  Also shown at the Academy's screening theater that night,were dozens of classical film highlights, from virtually all of the movies Ken worked on, from 1931 to 1984.  Ken was interviewed on stage by a staff reporter from the Los Angeles Times.  When asked by the reporter, "What's the biggest Tesla Coil sparks you have ever seen?"  Ken replied, "Why, a place out in Monrovia.... Is Bill Wysock in the house?"


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