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Mr. Frank Decker of the Monrovia Fire Department in a Faraday cage, elevated 25 feet high in the air, suspended by an insulated cable, and being struck by 25 foot long arcs from the Model 10 Tesla Coil at the Monrovia Centennial demonstration circa 1990.

Bill Wysock on pedestal connected by transmission line to a Model 5D Tesla Coil at 1992 ITS All American Electric Show. Light bulb in series with copper rods is 40 watt (fully illuminated) and arcs are 4 feet long.

Circa 1988; Bill Wysock (left) and Lowell Beezley (right) working on Model 5D Tesla Coil. Lowell originally built the base, syncronous 3,600 RPM rotary gap and secondary coil for this project. Brent Turner's table top coil can be seen in the background.

Richard Gibson Aurandt standing on top of a Model 5D Tesla Coil, with metal thimbles on his fingers, taken in 1978, at Tesla Technology's high voltage "backyard" lab. Bill employed this coil for the electrical special effects for the motion picture "THE ENTITY", starring Barbara Hershey. Dick has approximately 300 KV at 240 Khz passing over his body. The corona streamers are up to 36 inches long.


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