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Model 10 Tesla Coil used to trigger man-made lightning across six foot gap. This discharge is over 10KA at less than 5 usecs. rise time, producing a large electromagnetic pulse (emp). Storage capacitor used is rated at 60 KVDC, 75 Joules.

From left to right, Richard Aurandt, Ken Strickfadden and Bill Wysock, circa 1975, in Ken's backyard shown is one of the original special effects Jacob's ladders used in the production of "The Bride of Frankenstein".

A happy "coiler" Lowell Beezley - KB6RWX, shown with one of his experimental coils. (Viewer's note: Lowell is always smiling!)

International Tesla Society Symposium, July, 1992. Pictured from left to right is Brent Turner - KE6NIL, Lowell Beezley - KB6RWX, Bill Wysock Jr., Pete Miller and Bill Wysock - N6UXW.

Chyanne Mountain High School, circa July, 1992, at International Tesla Society Symposium's "All American Electric Show". Presented by Bill Wysock, Brent Turner, Pete Miller, Lowell Beezley, Bill Wysock Jr., and the staff of ITS. Shown behind the transmission line of Model 12 (from left to right) is Dr. James and Ken Corum, Dr. J.F.X. Daum - Director of Research at Batelle Memorial Research Institute at Columbus, Ohio, and Bill Wysock. (Note: Batelle purchased Tesla Technology Research's Model 10 coil, which was subsequently donated to Ohio State University's high voltage lab in 1995, where it is in use today.)

From left to right (front row,) Ken Corum, Richard Hull-TCBOR, and Bill Wysock-N6UXW. Second row: (L to R,) Tony Chillemi, KD6IFC, Jim Hardesty-N2DRT. Back row: (L to R,) Lou Ballint(?) Brad Norman, last two unknown (probably from R. Hull's TCBOR camp.)

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