TeslaCoil2.jpg (13553 bytes)

1,500,000 Volt Tesla Coil, circa April, 1999. This is a modern one-to-one scale model of the world-famous coil at the Griffith park Observatory in Los Angeles, California.

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Test firing of the conical tesla coil before shipment to Fremont, California.  the rotary gap can be seen at the lower left.


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TeslaCoil3.jpg (62008 bytes)

The classical conical Tesla Coil, as installed inside a full Faraday Cage and gazebo-enclosed setting inside the new Fry's Electronics Super Store, Fremont, California.


PrimSecCoils2.jpg (17667 bytes)

Close-up view of the physical arrangement between the primary and
secondary windings of the conical Tesla Coil.


RotSpkClsUp.jpg (17496 bytes)

  Close-up view of the 1,800 R.P.M. salient-pole rotary spark gap that powers the conical Tesla Coil.