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National Geographic's
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"Tesla vs. Edison"

Weather Channel's
Strangest Weather On Earth
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"Mad Electricity"

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Mysteries at the Museum:
"Reagan limousine and
Keely's Motor"

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Michael Krause film:
All About Tesla:
The Research

Gendai Productions:
Giants Of The Light
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 Tesla vs. Edison

Fuji Television Network:
Miracle Events Unbelievable
"Panic In The Air"

Robert D. Campbell:
"Reminiscences of a
Birdman" - Living History
Press, LLC

Bob McCoy:
"Quack! Tales Of Medical
Fraud", Santa Monica

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Online Museum Collection
Turn Of The Century Electrotherapeutic Devices
Dating from 1700s - 1900s

Static Electric Machines, Galvanic Batteries, Faradic Batteries, Oudin Resonators, Tesla Coils, Violet Rays, Diathermy Machines, Carbon Arc Lamps, Ultraviolet Ozone Apparatus, Quack Medical Devices
Forgotten Tesla Technologies

The Researches and Inventions of Jeff Behary Included are Pancake Coils, Special Spark Gaps,
Reproductions of Victorian Electrical Apparatus, and unique forms of Electrical Discharges.
Victorian Style ^^
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Turn Of The Century Tesla Library

Books, Articles, Manuals, Manuscripts, Letters, Magazines, Advertisements Thousands of pages (and dollars) - Free to view!  
Nikola Tesla Archive

Letters, Lectures, Articles, Patents, Construction Techniques, and a special tribute to Nikola Tesla's Nephew and Grand-Nephew
Thomas Burton Kinraide Archive
Spring Park Laboratory

We searched a decade to uncover the earliest surviving Tesla Coils, hundreds of glass plate negatives,
and the last known photo of the Keely motor. 

Thomas Burton Kinraide was one of the earliest pioneers in high frequency X-Ray work.
H. G. Fischer Archive

Official archives of the only company legitimate enough to last nearly a century in the X-Ray and Electrotherapeutics industries.  Real Tesla technologies in real medical apparatus - no exceptions!

We acquired the Fischer archive in the form of new floor model machines from the 1930s, thousands of original hand-drawn blueprints, and all original documentation and books - the official copies of H. G. Fischer!
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