The Turn Of The Century
Electrotherapy Museum
Forgotten Tesla Technologies

Updates from 2012

FIT Presentation:  300 Years Of Electric Fire:  A brief encounter
with Arcs, Sparks, and Electrical Phenomena
07. April 2012 Notes:
New coil, accessories, and system for studying electrical phenomena
Ultraviolet Photography Revealing Tesla "Phantom" Streamers:
A Collaboration of Jeff Behary and Daniel Cuscela
Ultraviolet Photography and Flat Spiral Tesla Coils:
Deciphering 100 yr old Electrographs
Ultraviolet Photography and Flat Spiral Tesla Coils:
Deciphering 100 yr old Electrographs - Part 2
Kicking Coil and Cleaning The Museum
18" Pancake Coil demonstrated at Florida Institute Of Technology - video
FIT Demo 18" Pancake Coil
FIT Demo 18" Pancake Coil Part 2
FIT Demo 18" Pancake Coil High Resolution Photos
FIT Demo - Spark Gap adjusted so that breakout occurs
only when approached: 
FIT Demo:  Spark Gap adjusted so that breakout just occurs without being approached
FIT Demo:  Flaming Arc Cylindrical Bipolar Tesla Coil
Experimental 80T Pancake Coil, 9" OD 20 AWG
Experimental Leyden Phial
Pancake Tesla Coil dedicated to Frank Jones:  1650V 10mA transformer,
Silk Covered Wire Secondary Coil, Copper Ribbon Primary Coil, Ebonite
and Uranium Oxide Glass Spark Gap
Youtube movie of 1650V 10mA xfmr powered Pancake Coil
Ode to Otto von Guericke and Francis Haukesbee:
Spherical Globe Frictional Static Electric Machine
Youtube video of Globe Frictional Static Machine
Works In Progress:
Frictional Static Machine Collector;
Globe Static Machine;
Small Replica Nairne Static Machine
Small Replica Nairne Static Machine
Triboluminescent Geissler Tube Rotator
Building and Assembling the Jackson Coil
Testing the Jackson Coil
Jackson Coil In Operation!
Jackson Coil - Part 2 - In Operation!
Phantom Streams from Jackson Coil replica - Gallery
Phantom Stream Photos, higher definition
High Definition Phantom Stream video: 
High Definition Phantom Streams Slow Motion 
Phantom Stream Video 1: 
Extended Phantom Stream Video:
Medium Power Testing of Replica Jackson Coil
Phantom Stream Photos, including some isolated Negative...
15 Minute Video of Phantom Streams, both in darkness and light
1/8" Tungsten Spark Gap
3/16" Tungsten Spark Gap
Homemade Tesla Coil Transformer
Testing Homemade Transformer with Pancake Coil
Video of testing homemade Transformer with Pancake Coil
Homemade Tesla Coil Transformer No. 2
Installed in replica Thomas Stanley Curtis Oudin Coil

Note:  Video of this is on my Facebook page
Video of replica Thomas Stanley Curtis Oudin Coil 
with homemade Transformer
Photos of a Low Tension Kicking Coil / Ignition Coil
1" Diameter Linear Component Tesla Coil
Hangable Leyden Jar or Leyden Phial
Replica Dr. Frederick Finch Strong Electrode Handle with Effluve Disks
to offer resistance from Kinraide Coil discharge...
Violet Ray / Violet Wand Condenser Plasma Globe Electrode
Baby Tiny Tesla Oudin Coil
Baby Conical Tesla Coil
Functional Baby Conical Tesla Coils
Experimental and Bipolar Baby Conical Tesla Coils
Corrosion Acceleration using Tesla
Phantom Streams...
European Style Globe Static Electric Machine
(von Guericke / Haukebee style)
Baby Tesla Conical Coil
UV Photography:  Frank S Betz 24 Plate Toepler Holtz Machine
UV Photography:  Effluve Disks
UV Photography:  Phantom Streams
High Tension Kicking Coil 1
High Tension Kicking Coil 2
High Tension Kicking Coil 3
Kinraide Coil CAD Drawings, Revised
Gallery of High Tension Kicking Coil + Micrometer Gap Closeup Arcs
High Tension Kicking Coil with Micrometer Spark Gap Movie
Crookes, Geissler, & X-Ray Tube Film - High Definition
Kenneth Strickfaden's 15kV 120mA Neon Transformer Jacob's Ladder
Kenneth Strickfaden Transformer Jacob's Ladder Video:
Testing Replica Jackson Coil Spark Gap
Video of brief testing of Jackson Coil Gap
High Tension Kicking Coil, Explained and Operated
Misc. Tesla Experiments
Winding / Making a Tesla Pancake Coil 
Threading and Winding a Cylindrical Tesla Secondary Coil