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Philosophical Apparatus, Part 1
Endless thanks to Clair and Joel Cannon, and my Uncle Russell for picking up (and delivering the items, some 1500 miles)!

Very old Spectrum tube


Arc Carbons for Spectroscopy


Sliding resistor

Magneto Electric Demonstration Machine

.1 mfd Condenser

Wireless Transformer

Spinner but really nice for winding coils

Leeds & Northrup Resistance Box

Io and Madeline

Condenser bank

Self-Inductance Standard

2000V 18mA transformer.  Likely for Spectrum tubes and similar experiments...Hmm...

Cryophorus...liquid nitrogen anywhere?

.00045" x 3" aluminum foil, Zinc plate

Reflecting Galvanometer

1/100th second timer

Mejla, have a leash!

(C) Jeff Behary, 2011