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Stead Asquith vs Nikola Tesla?

Back in 2006 I was introduced to a puzzling question...who invented the Tesla Speedometer?  Don Asquith, son of Stead
Asquith introduced me to his brilliant father's history - a watchmaker from Iowa - who once built a motor that could fit in a thimble.
Stead originally had a contract with Waltham to produce a speedometer based on his 1913 patent.  It made novel use of a rather
interesting invention we know as a "Tesla Turbine".  It appears 100% novel and completely independent of Tesla.
The Asquith family say that they were threatened by a big inventor not to produce
the speedometer...the inventor was Tesla.  Looking at my original speedometers - and the four patents in question...well, I think
I have a Stead speedometer that has Tesla's name on it.  The story remains a mystery.  Did the folks at Waltham realize it was based on 
a Tesla turbine and intervene in some way?  This is a mystery I am curious to try and solve.  Look at the photos for yourself!

C) Jeff Behary, 2011