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Introducing Dr. Daniel Cuscela, Vintage X-Ray Museum!
We're looking forward to featuring the collection of our local friend and colleague Dr. Daniel Cuscela.  
Visit his website and keep checking our What's New sections for
details of some of his machines.  He specializes in rare books and floor model machines, and has
an exquisite collection of McIntosh items that are particularly striking.  Oh, and yes...he has a 24 plate
Frank S Betz Static Machine that we're restoring to full working order.  It will be unique to the world!!

Such as this McIntosh Hogan!  Dan made a twin set of smaller replicas in the background.

Campbell Dental X-Ray

McIntosh Galvanic and Faradic Battery

Original batteries too!

As are these!

A portable wall plate from Frank S Betz.

A floor model polysine generator...

The guts!

Mercury arc rectifiers...

Hmm.  An original Theramin?!

Here we are playing for a group of local internal medicine residents from Wellington Regional

Hair raising!

And I got out my original 1757 Ben Franklin article for residents to read.  The days of priceless artifacts behind glass are over.    Why not try to inspire people
instead of bore them?  Where else can you pick up a 200 year old medical electricity article written by a forefather of our country...AND have a glass of wine?
Some excerpts of things I drool over in his library.  From Steavsenson.

Excell in action!

A Morton radiograph - he photographed the invisible in 1896.

Static effluve - how priceless!  Next time we'll do this with the Betz!

And Lord Armstrong is on the shelf in perhaps the greatest condition Electric Movement book on earth.


C) Jeff Behary, 2011