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Curious X-Ray Tubes Made From Neon Sign Tubing
A Gift from The Collection Of Zahi Hakim

Neon tubes, with a twist...
The targets do look similar to standard cold cathode X-Ray targets!

Inside is a Crookes Vacuum

Note the blue phosphoresce from pyrex / borosilicate glass electrode shells.

Beautiful and curious tubes!

Many Thanks Zahi!


There is a curious debate over what these tubes were made for.  Frank believes they are for Rife experimentation - certainly
possible.... I lean more towards Crookes tube / X-Ray experiments (that probably didn't work well).  Any ideas?

In the following photos, the tube is being driven by DC from a small induction coil.  Roughly 3/4" spark.

Note how a portion of the neon electrode is uncovered and the streams that form as a result. Hmm...?

This is the smaller tube.

Tonight Zahi sent these photos:

These later modifications were no doubt to correct the problems with the streams seen above when the targets
were simply brazed to the ground neon electrodes!  So interesting!!

Oh, the mystery!

29 August 2010:  More photos!

More photos, run from DC from Induction Coil

(C) Jeff Behary, 2010