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The Real History Of Davis & Kidder

This highly fascinating history of the famous Magneto Electric Machine was found in an extraordinary book:

Guide To Electrotherapy Instruments And History Of Their Makers By Dean P. Currier

Some excerpts from this fact-filled (and picture-filled) book.  All collectors need a copy of this book!

One of the most common rumours in electro-medical history is the assumption that DAVIS & KIDDER referred to
instrument maker Daniel Davis and physician Jerome Kidder.  This is definitely not the case, and if were not for the brilliant
research of Dean Currier we might not be the wiser...

This error dates back in time, even in Snow's book of High Potential Currents!
Kidder sold elaborate Faradic Batteries and emphatically denied making any machines "with a crank".
(The whole story is told in Chapter 8 of Dean's wonderful book).

A fascinating article on Dr. JEROME KIDDER, providing some very daring moves in Induction Coil history!  

And, as pointed out in Dean's book, ARI DAVIS (Daniel's brother) was the real inventor of this machine.
Patents show proof!

...Ari sold his patent for $4000 to Dr. Walter Kidder (no relation to Jerome).  Kidder was a wise investor,
and after one year sold the patent rights for a $6000 profit.  W. H. Burnap acquired the rights and manufactured the machine.


Excerpts from manual...


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