The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

High Resolution Violet Rays

Violet Rays Everywhere

Osborne Garrett Nagele Ltd Violet Ray

Master Violet Ray

Marvel Violet Rays - Eastern Laboratories - Early and late models

The typical housing seen here was either red or black

I have only seen 2 of these machines, late models.  Same internal parts, different housing.

Frank S Betz Violet Ray

Fitzgerald Violet Ray

Elco Violet Ray

Cesco Violet Ray

Renulife Viraozone

Bleadon Dun Violetta Assortment

Baby Violetta

Type C

Bleadon Dun one-piece machine

Violet Ray Corp = Viracorp - successors to Master Electric

Tuckers Violet Ray - Variation of Rogers patent

Shelton Violet Rays

Halliwell Shelton - unusual!

Beautifully made Shelton Laboratories

Later Haliwell Shelton brand


Renulife knob...

Renulife machines

Re'juvin Electrodes


Parco Super High Frequency Machine - Variation of Rogers patent

Branston Violet Rays - Made in Canada