The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Poulsen Arc Experiments:  Turpentine Arc Gap / Spark Gap
4. Jan 2009 
(2009?! Already?!)

Explosive nature of this spark gap / arc gap!

This time instead of alcohol I used "Rectified Spirits" - Turpentine.  It doesn't evaporate quickly, smells curious, and has good results!

Rugged but simple.  Cherry base, bakelite posts, graphite blocks, 5/8" diameter copper and carbon electrodes; electromagnets.

Low power arc...

Appearance of copper electrode after operation...

I cored (bored) the Carbon electrode and inserted a brass tube with a standard wick used for alcohol flames.  Dipping the whole electrode
in Turpentine absorbs the spirits into the wick and will provide an explosive hydrogen-based environment for the arcs or sparks.

The first tests with with a high current low voltage Tesla Coil - 1500V at around 250mA.  .6 mfd cap.
Initial tests were done with AC instead of DC...(need to make a rectifier).

Turning up the power - 1500V at 1000mA!  Output of Tesla Coil is hot ribbon.

Click here for a movie!


Appearance of Tesla Coil sparks on medium power.

Appearance of Tesla Coil sparks on low power.

Fun fun fun!