The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum - Western Coil Co. Violet Ray - Featured Collector Frank Jones
(C) Jeff Behary 2008

Jeff -
Ok, here is the second unusual VR set I just got.
The kicker coil is very small as compared to most sets. The actual windings are about 1 7/8 " long by 1 5/8" OD in dia
It had 4 caps in it in a parallel series combination. Just held in with a piece of tin and it also was flopping all over the case and broke the tabs off one of the caps. Each cap was about 0.12 mfd so 
the total would have still been 0.12 mfd and 4X the voltage rating of one cap. I put a 0.15 mfd 2.5 KV cap in the set.
The original plug for the handpiece was missing, it had just the sleeves for it. Rummaged around in the junk pile and found a McIntosh plug that fit perfect so I put it on.
Replaced the cap and fired the set up and it threw about 1 1/2" sparks for about 3 seconds and died! Took the handpiece apart and ran it again and smoke started coming out of the windings. DAMN!
Again went to the junk pile and found an Elco coil that was identical  in dimensions. Just had to drill and tap the end so it could be secured and put it in the handpiece and fired it up again.
Success! 1 1/2" sparks again. Seems to be a hot kicker section.

Frank Jones (

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