The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Details: Construction Components Of Violet Ray Machines

Modern Master Violet Ray Coils - Fromm International (earlier  Master  models M66)

Bleadon Dun Coil & Hard Rubber Handpiece

Master Violet Ray Coil

A selection of different hard rubber housings for Violet Ray Tesla Coils

A selection of magnet coils (self-induction or "kicking" coils) for Violet Rays
Bleadon Dun, Elco, Fitzgerald, Vita/Rogers, H. G. Fischer, Frank S Betz, Master Electric, Master Appliance

H. G. Fischer magnet coils - w/o and w/ cautery winding

Frank S Betz heavy interrupter

Betz coil, interrupter, indifferent spark arm

Betz Adjustable Contact

Frank S Betz nameplate

Baby Violetta

Fitzgerald nameplate 1

Fitzgerald nameplate 2

Bleadon Dun nameplate 1

Bleadon Dun nameplate 2

Vita Interrupter

Vita - large magnet coil, 3/4" bobbin heads!

Vita name plate.  Patent is for George D. Rogers.

Fitzgerald coil and interrupter, with protective metal cover

Contact on one type of Baby Violetta

Rachet arm on adjustment screw of Master #11

Master Kicking Coil

Master Electric logo

Adjusting screw for Elco Lindstrom Violet Ray

A cone bearing against a stamped copper armature

Elco Kicking coil

Elco nameplate

Rogers nameplate

Baby Violetta Nameplate

Wire controls rachet

Note the adjustable contact is a silver-plated cam!

Bleadon Dun Magnet Coil

Bleadon Dun One-piece units

Eastern Laboratories Marvel Violet Ray - Patented by Benno Frederick Jancke

A selection of Violet Ray disruptive discharge coils - Tesla Coils -
Shelton, Bleadon Dun, Renulife, Rogers, Renulife, Fitzgerald, etc.

Two Rogers coils - numbered 100 and 142.

Rogers patented coil and patented electrode holder.

Coil patent is for the replaceable coil - wires are slipped into the binding posts.

Complete Rogers handpiece.

Challange (aka Cesco, Cenco, Energex, Electro-Technic Products)

.11 mfd Cornell Dubilier Cap


Removed from housing...

Sterling / Longoria Logo

Longoria / Sterling Hand Piece

Large Kicking Coil

Fibre bobbin ends

Sterling Kicking Coil