The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2008

Tesla Universal Lecture High Frequency Coil
I built this coil for Belgian researcher Herman Reynaert.  The whole apparatus is
efficient and compact - total components weighing less than 50 pounds, consuming only 120 watts from the mains.
Contains a compact bipolar Pancake coil embedded in paraffin wax, 1000 turns per each secondary, 5 turns per primary coil.

Operates from two power supplies, AC version and DC version.  AC version can be operated from either
120V or 240V, 50 or 60 hz.

Click here for a movie!

Left:  Universal AC Power Supply (120/240V)  Right:  Bipolar Pancake Coils

Coils are reminiscent of Tesla's - insulated in paraffin wax, with heavy rubber insulated cloth covered wires for connections.

Dischargers are removable for storage or transportation.

Power supply opened up...

3500V 30mA 120W Neon Sign Transformer; Small Industrial Control Transformer (0/115/208/230V); On/Off Switch
.1 mfd Sangamo Caps, 2 in series for .05 mfd.  Adjustable Spark Gap, 1/8" Tungsten

"TESLA" Cover Plate

Shower of sparks when spark gap is set to a medium level

As the gap is open, the sparks change to pseudo-static

With the gap open to the maximum setting, the sparks crackle!

Spark gap almost closed.

Spark gap nearly closed with dischargers close

On / Off switch is hiding around the corner

Universal plug - US / Europe

Spark Gap in operation

110V AC/DC Universal Power Supply

Alternate way of operating the Pancake Coils

Sangamo Mica Cap, 1kV .056 mfd; Electromagnet, Interrupter, Binding Posts

Far Left and Far Right Connections are for Tesla Coil, Inner Connections are for mains