The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

Cip's First Coil
I built this for my friend Ciprian Timbal.

Its a small coil, made with parts from  a TIG welder (arc stabilizer) plus a few extras

Here is the spark gap - its from a Miller TIG

Copper Ribbon Primary Coil, Silk Covered Secondary Coil
The Secondary Coil is wound on a hard rubber Violet Ray casing.  It actually is about the same dimensions as
the coil Tesla used in "Light And Other High Frequency Phenomena" lecture

Frequency is high - haven't calculated it yet, but, oh, the ozone just pours out

I was blowing on the discharge, and it becomes almost pure ionisation

Sparks are around 3" long

It looks nice from the top view

Moved the camera accidentally here!

Cap is mica, .002 mfd only!

Mejla has a new toy too!