The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum

H. G. Fischer CSWI Panel:
Cautery, Diagnostic, Galvanic Desiccation
From the family of H. G. Fischer.  Many thanks to Jonathan, Hannah, and Warren Fischer.

Fascinating control panel!  Spark Gap Diathermy binding posts, Morse Wave binding posts, modern switches
with 1920s trimmings!

This unit represents an unusual apparatus. Based on the Thompson Plaster / Fischer FO LO Cabinets,
it combines vacuum and compressed air with short wave diathermy, cautery, diagnostics, galvanic current, and desiccation!

Needs a bit of cleaning, but in perfect working order.  This unit was said to be in the garage of Warren Fischer (H. G. Fischer's son)
for over 40 years! 

The tiny 1/8" tungsten spark gap uses an unplated Fischer Type F casting to hold the adjusting screw!

The desiccation terminal is from a Type F Violet Ray!  Fischer goes back to its original machine for some of these components!

The fulgeration needle has a special swivel tip.  The end of the probe is a bearing that plugs into the surgical tool socket.

A cylindrical Tesla Coil as small as a Violet Ray coil!  Only 1" in diameter, and look how fine the primary winding is!

The secondary is wound with ultra-fine wire and is only 1/2" or so in diameter!

Spark gap and vaccum tube circuits - modern electronics simply couldn't beat the old technology for tissue cutting!

(C) Jeff Behary - 19. April 2008