The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
(C) Jeff Behary 2007

In Quest Of Kinraide: 
Recovered Artifacts:
May 2005 / Feb. 2007

These pages are dedicated to the Kinraide family,
and to the Williams family:  you all made their recovery possible.

A collection of items brought back as checked baggage in Feb. 2007

Piece of negative envelope found:  Name:  Keely M[otor]  Remarks:  Side v[iew]

Keely Motor negative recovered in 2005

Inverse of Keely Motor negative...

What looks like some zinc sheets...

...turns out to be copper!

Left:  Kinraide's perfume bottles from family; right:  Recovered bottles from JP house

High Frequency Induction Coil - 1896 / 1897

Section of Kinraide High Frequency Induction Coil

Closeup of section showing wires through glass support rods

End support contains no wire; it is for the flat wound primary coil (not recovered).

Approx. 8" capacity induction coil, recovered in 2005.

2007:  Newly recovered Kinraide Coil - bottom, showing glass supports

2007:  Recovered Kinraide Coil, top view.

2007:  Second recovered Kinraide Coil - bottom view.

Top view.

Newly recovered condenser (front), previously recovered condenser (back).
Perhaps used for Cyclone or Jackson Coils.

2005:  Large discharger terminal for Pancake Coil.  Pancake missing, but imprint of winding/glass rods still intact on the bottom.

2005:  Recovered 14" Kinraide Coil.

2005:  Re-poured Kinraide Coil.

2005:  Recovered Kinraide Coil

2005:  Recovered Kinraide Coil

2005:  Recovered Kinraide Coil, side.

2005:  Recovered Kinraide Coil, top view.

2005:  Recovered Kinraide Coil, flat spiral, bottom view.

2005:  Recovered Kinraide Coil, flat spiral, top view.

2005:  Recovered Kinraide Coil - having familiar commercial shape.

Recovered Kinraide Coil (2005) and support forms; placed on hard rubber support recovered in 2007.

Top view.

Hard rubber coil resting plate, cleaned up.

Before cleaning, bottom view.

Top view, before cleaning.

An unknown hand-made tool, recovered 2007.

Misc. coil items from 2005

A cast piece of beeswax/rosin, a cloth covered wire, a human hair - recovered 2007.

A collection of human hairs - likely the reddish brown hair is Kinraide's.  A white hair also recovered, perhaps Keely's?

2005:  Recovered newspaper clippings from 1899, glass rods for Kinraide Coils; hair; 2007:  Bobbie pin.

Several of many metal castings and ceramic castings. (2005/2007)

2005:  Hard rubber drilled support; Coil insulation tubes (hard rubber); Brass conducting piece
2007:  Toilet hardware from high frequency induction coil tank.

Back:  Beeswax and Rosin from 2005
Front:  Beeswax and Rosin from 2007

One of the newly recovered Kinraide Coils shows a 3/8" spark when placed inside  an 18" diameter single turn of copper wire with 25 watts of current.