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Crookes, Geissler, and X-Ray Tubes

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Thomas Burton Kinraide

By Order of Popularity...


#electrifypalmbeach - The newest selfie craze in Palm Beach - 
Electrify yourself to a half million volts like our local model Hannah!  

See one of the world's oldest and largest 3 million volt Marx Impulse Generators
and the last high voltage lab of General Electric

Experience the wonders of X-Rays
(without the dangers of radiation)

Experience the unearthly Victorian world
of Vacuum Discharge Tubes

Experience rare historical artifacts from 1700s-1900s

Experience live demonstrations of obscure glass blowing techniques:
Plasma Art, neon lamps, and making light bulbs from scratch

Experience theatrics with electricity

Create psychedelic art using raw energy in our 
Eclectic Electric Photographic Darkroom

Experience collaborations with world-renowned artists and musicians

Experience live replications and demonstrations of forgotten
technologies using antique tools in our Victorian Machine Shop

See electric space paintings from the original Star Trek artists
Dave & Forest Archer

Browse our library spanning half a millenium containing thousands of books,
photographs, blueprints, and research papers dating from 1500s-2000s

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