The Electrotherapy Museum has been a world-renowned reference source of obscure topics not found anywhere else.  
The museum started over 25 years ago as a resource to educate the public about medical quackery.  It has grown in leaps
and bounds and has become one of the largest private collections in the world pertaining to medical electricity.

This website is over 10GB and contains over 200,000 files.

Topics include:  Static Electricity, Faradic Medical Batteries, Magneto-Electric Machines, Galvanic Batteries, Phototherapy,
Ultraviolet Lamps, High Frequency Apparatus, Tesla Coils, Oudin Resonators, X-Ray Tubes and Machines, Diathermy Apparatus,
Violet Ray Machines, Medical Quackery, Early Radio and Telegraphy, Early Scientific Apparatus, Lichtenberg Figures.

Curator Jeff Behary was a historian for the Nikola Tesla family and has done Research & Development for over 30 years in
High Frequency and X-Ray Coil Design, High Voltage Apparatus, UV and Induction Lamp making, and Defense-related work.
He has compiled and published over 100,000 pages of books pertaining to the topics above.

Introduction to Jeff Behary and
The Turn Of The Century Electrotherapy Museum
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There are currently over 641 books, magazines, articles, an audio recordings.
The PDFs are over 100,000 pages.

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Static Electric Machines
Galvanic and Faradic Batteries
Magneto Electric Machines
Induction Coils
X-Ray Coils
Crookes, Geissler, and X-Ray Tubes
Diathermy / Oudin / High Frequency Currents
Violet Ray Machines
Carbon Arc Lamps, Ultraviolet Lamps, Infrared Therapy
Forgotten Tesla Technologies


Static Electricity



H.G. Fischer  Corporation

Violet Rays


Thomas Burton Kinraide


(C) Jeff Behary, 2021